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Gecko/20070601 C64/Commodore

I tought this was just a SpreadFirefox stunt, but I just found the most strange User-Agent in an Apache server log *heh!* I guess it takes another Commodore fan to appreciate this kind of humor. [tags]Mozilla, Firefox, Commodore, C64[/tags]

Use the radioSHARK 2 under Linux (shark2.c)

Hisaaki Shibata took Michael Rolig’s shark.c -which I use to control my radioSHARK from Linux- made it work with the new radioSHARK 2 and released the new shark2.c (local mirror). With this development owners of the new radioSHARK 2 can

Hello, Planeta Linux!

And now for something completely different: This site is now syndicated in Planeta Linux Mexico. If you haven’t heard about Planets, they are sites that publish aggregated news feeds around certaint themes in the now all-too-familiar reverse chronologic order. Planets

PodsBlitz: the cure for your iPod backup woes

When my iPod died I complained -ranted, actually- about the lack of a decent backup program for it. Well, I finally found a program that does just what I need. PodsBlitz will display the songs in your iPod, and moreover,

Death to MSIE!

Carlos de la Guardia writes in his blog about his most recent misadventures with Internet Explorer and his post proves once again that confusion, frustration and anger are the emotions most commonly associated with MSIE. I say let’s just put

Hello, Dell!

As i wrote before, given my (mis)adventures with IBM/Lenovo I decided to change my allegiances and switch to another brand. So during the research phase I took some time to go to the Dell Expo and get to know their


Gammu -the GNU All Mobile Management Utilities formerly known as MyGnokki2- is a full-featured cellphone manager for *nix and Win32. Its makefile knows about .debs and .rpms, it is incredibly easy to configure and -unlike Gnokii- it supports the Nokia

Search for victims of Hurricane Stan

The government of the State of Chiapas has recently published on the web a list of the shelter where each victim of Hurricane Stan is right now, so their relatives can find out where they are and how to get

How to make iTunes 5 ignore the Windows locale

I recently upgraded iTunes to 5.0 on Magda’s laptop and it decided to start speaking to me in Spanish. In my Thinkpad with Windows XP in english iTunes was still in english. Magda’s laptop came pre-installed with Windows XP in

Google Earth is bound to cause a stir

According to SearchEngineWatch, apparently freeing KeyHole Hi-Res satellite imagery wasn’t enough. Now Google has launched Google Earth, which includes features from Google Local and Google Maps in a smooth, slick interface. At 10MB+, it’s way smaller than I tought (WorldWind