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Prodigy Infinitum, SMTP through port 25, botnets and such

After pulling my hair for a couple of days I just realized that my DSL provider is blocking all outgoing connections to port 25 with an ICMP Unreachable packet, which translates as a totally bogus “no route to host” message

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I’m a Dad!

Magdalena Rodríguez Delgado was born last Tuesday, June 5th 2007, sometime around 18:05 GMT. At birth she was 49cm long and weighed 3.220Kg. Just like her mother, she has a strong, commanding voice and powerful lungs behind it. In the

Hello, Planeta Linux!

And now for something completely different: This site is now syndicated in Planeta Linux Mexico. If you haven’t heard about Planets, they are sites that publish aggregated news feeds around certaint themes in the now all-too-familiar reverse chronologic order. Planets

Goodbye, IBM / Lenovo!

After flickering in-and-out for a few weeks and then getting a misterious red tint, the IBM Thinkpad R50’s display got well for a couple of months before getting all flickery again and dying for good. It was the nicest display

Amplifying ignorance through technological empowerment

There are numerous reports around the Internet about a supposed fraud. People that has never heard about the Drunkard’s Walk is firing up Excel or SPSS to plot variables and doing correlations, and while some of them actually ask for

Mexican elections 20060704 @ 1600hrs

The PREP does not determine the actual winner, but a preliminary result within a certain error magin. The “Preliminar” part in “Preliminar Electoral Results Program” is conveniently ignored by many. Since the election numbers are too close to call, and

Mexican elections 20060703 @ 01:00hrs

Yesterday at 11pm IFE asked for prudence and -mostly- for silence. Once again, *both* PAN and PRD ignored the authority and jumped the gun to declare themselves the winner. The PAN cited hard -if somewhat uncertain- numbers. The PRD called

Mexican elections 2006 @ 21:00hrs

So far, both the PAN and the PRD claim to have won by a wide margin, while the PRI has happily dismissed all exit polls and hinted to victory for themselves in a long, boring speech. Meanwhile, the whole country

Mexican elections 2006 @ 20:00hrs

The exit polls of at least three different bureaus point to a tie between Felipe Calderón and López Obrador. In fact, the difference in the poll is inferior to the error margin of every poll. This just can’t be good.