ITESM Artwork

Welcome, fellow ITESM student.

While studying my MBA at the ITESM (that’s “Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey”, Tec de Monterrey, or MIT for spanish-impaired visitors) I had a hard time finding clean, good-resolution, usable logos for presentations and written reports. In time, I have compiled different versions of artwork related to my alma mater, and you will find them here in reverse chronological order.

I hope you find this artwork useful in your own coursework. If you do, please let me know.

Borregos TecBorregos Tec, raster and vector artwork, white background

The Borregos Tec logogram. Briefly spotted as a bumper sticker, but turns out it’s an actual thing! I found an official-looking version on Google Images and traced it by hand to generate these raster and vector versions.

Borregos Tec, blue backgroundBorregos Tec, raster and vector artwork, blue background

Same Borregos Tec logogram but on a blue background.

Logo Tecnologico de MonterreyNew “Tecnológico de Monterrey” Logo (2014), raster and vector artwork, blue

The redesigned logo, announced on August 2014. Colorized version of the files below.

Logo Tecnologico de MonterreyNew “Tecnológico de Monterrey” Logo (2014), raster and vector artwork, grayscale

Grayscale version of the 2014 logo, for print. I took a small SVG from the webpage, then rasterized and optimized these PNGs. The EPS and SVG versions have been scaled to a more usable default size.

Escudo ITESM“Tecnológico de Monterrey” seal, raster and vector artwork

Standalone seal, circa 2000, reserved for official purposes. I extracted the seal from John Dauphinais version below.

Logo Tecnologico de Monterrey“Tecnológico de Monterrey” Logo, raster and vector artwork

John Dauphinais has done an excellent work tracing this version by hand, and he is kindly sharing his work with the rest of us.

Logo Tecnologico de Monterrey“Tecnológico de Monterrey” Logo, raster-only version

This logo comes from the page of CARE at the Monterrey Campus. I was not able to find vector artwork for this logo and I just was not able to identify the typeface in it — my best guess was that the typeface is a manually tweaked variant of Dialog Semi-Bold, but I’ve been told that someone built it from scratch.
Happily, this is a moot point now because John Dauphinais traced the new version above, so I’ll leave this one around for a while for archaeological purposes, but you’d be better off using his.

Logo Tec de Monterrey“Tec de Monterrey” Logo

Please note that this logo has been deprecated. See above for an explanation.

Escudo ITESMITESM Seal, circa 1980.

I believe this ITESM seal came from a marketing PDF somewhere on the net, which I managed to find and clean up for the umptenth time and finally had the good sense to archive it for later use. I used this to build the Tec de Monterrey logo immediately above.

Usage guide

In the past ITESM published some basic guidelines for the use of the logo as a PDF document (edit: dead link as of 20110919, local copy here). One of the most notable changes is that the “Tec de Monterrey” logo has been officially discontinued in favor of the “Tecnológico de Monterrey” logo as mentioned above.
More recently, Raul reports that ITESM has published an online policy guide for usage of logos and trademarks including a rather impressive array of guides in PDF form (sorry, links broken as of 20190324. I’ll post a local copy if I ever lay my hands on one).


Extraoficially, I understand that the official color, known as “Azul Tec” or “Azul Reflex”, is actually PMS Reflex Blue:

Azul Tec

CMYK: 100C 90M 30Y 8K
RGB: 0R 32G 159B
RGBHEX: #003399

Edit 20110919: According to the aforementioned policy guide, the institutional color is actually PMS 281.

Azul Tec Oficial

CMYK: 100C 72M 0Y 32K
RGB: 0R 40G 104B
RGBHEX: #003366

Edit 20170328: I can’t find any official sources, all authoritative links appear to be dead, but starting in 2014 the logo bears a slightly brighter shade of blue:

Azul Tec 2014

RGB: 0R 51G 160B (sic)
RGBHEX: #0033A0


Rubén Moreno has compiled a comprehensive summary of the visual identity of the Tec de Monterrey. Check it out!