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U2 360º

In other news, I just got my tickets for U2s’ first concert of the 360º tour in Barcelona!!! *Yay!*. Thanks, Jordi!

Hello, Planeta Linux!

And now for something completely different: This site is now syndicated in Planeta Linux Mexico. If you haven’t heard about Planets, they are sites that publish aggregated news feeds around certaint themes in the now all-too-familiar reverse chronologic order. Planets

?HOWTO: Convert and display Flash video

So you want to publish that nice family video in your page/blog/intranet without forcing your visitors to download, install and activate some obscure browser plugin and *then* wait for a 200MB download… Well.. That’s easy as cake! First, let’s use

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…

I’m gonna go with “I’ve been in a state of flux”. You may pick an apology for yourself from The F Blog. Oh! The nice Dust Puppy graphic was shamelessly ripped from UserFriendly. (via Boing Boing).

WPG2 Sidebar Widgets 1.0

After playing around with the WordPress Widgets plugin I wrote a couple of widgets for WPG2 borrowing heavily from the sample widgets in the widget plugin distribution and also from Otto’s Google AdSense widget. WPG2 Random Image and WPG2 Grid

WordPress 2.0.3 inside

Last Sunday I upgraded WordPress to 2.0.3, and I have to confess that I am very impressed. After a couple of disastrous dry runs in a spare server, I backed up everything and decided to go for it on the