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DiskAid: access the files in your iPhone or iPod Touch

A few weeks ago I upgraded my wife’s iPod Touch to 2.1, and I just can’t believe that iTunes won’t let you backup your content even if it means a paid firmware upgrade. I would have used PodsBlitz to back

Bourne Shell Server Pages

Easy. Portable. Buzzword-compliant. Ingenuous. Elegant. Right-out wicked cool: Bourne Shell Server Pages. As I write this I’m looking for a excuse to use this revolutionary technology in my next project! Behold the simplicity of ASP and the power of sh:

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Gecko/20070601 C64/Commodore

I tought this was just a SpreadFirefox stunt, but I just found the most strange User-Agent in an Apache server log *heh!* I guess it takes another Commodore fan to appreciate this kind of humor. [tags]Mozilla, Firefox, Commodore, C64[/tags]

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

What’s so special about this number? How is it different from -say- 0x09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688BF or from 0x09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C1? More importantly: can someone copyright a freaking number? Read rudd-o’s Spread this number post and find out why 0x09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0 is so important.

?HOWTO: Convert and display Flash video

So you want to publish that nice family video in your page/blog/intranet without forcing your visitors to download, install and activate some obscure browser plugin and *then* wait for a 200MB download… Well.. That’s easy as cake! First, let’s use

Add swap space to Linux

This is an old sysadmin trick, but a good one all the same. Suppose that you finished installing a brand-new Debian GNU/Linux server, and for whatever reason you forgot to set aside some space for a swap partition. Or you

reiserfs and dd_rescue for data recovery

Last thursday the hard disk drive on a development machine died big time. First it started to behave erratically and dmesg showed that it has having trouble with some bad blocks. It did not survive a reboot: ReiserFS woud not

Some lovely ASCII Art

Andrew Savige’s Bottles of Beer have been found by the Python pundits (and by some gutless Perl defectors ;-) ) and are being waved as a textbook executable-line-noise example. There’s people that can’t stand beauty when they see it. (That

Griffin radio SHARK + icecast2 on Debian GNU/Linux

I have been meaning to get a Griffin radioSHARK with the intention of getting it running on Linux. Since it has a nice discount over at amazon I ran out of excuses for not buying one, so I finally ordered

TiVo in Mexico HOWTO

Live in Mexico? Have a TiVo? Read the TiVo-in-Mexico HOWTO to transform that glorified VCR into a real Personal Video Recorder. Update 20051009: I just bought a TiVo 2 unit and it’s on its way, so I’ll update the HOWTO