Some lovely ASCII Art

Andrew Savige’s Bottles of Beer have been found by the Python pundits (and by some gutless Perl defectors ;-) ) and are being waved as a textbook executable-line-noise example. There’s people that can’t stand beauty when they see it.
Bottles of Beer
(That code is now an image -see below- but you can always get the original source code).
Yup, it is a Perl program. Yes, it *does* run, with interesting results. There’s even a CPAN module — Acme::EyeDrops — that turns your own Perl programs into purposely unmaintainable yet beautiful works of art that can make the entire Python Party cringe in disgust. You have to admit that there’s certain merit in making grown men cry. Automatically, no less. Go and read how it’s done.
So the Obfuscated Python Contest is incredibly boring. I couldn’t care less.
Via Carlos de la Guardia/Marc Abramowitz/Chris Petrilli.
Update 20060916: Replaced the code with a graphical version because WordPress 2.0 doesn’t play well with the text hightlight plugin.
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3 thoughts on “Some lovely ASCII Art”

  1. Yes, That’s beautiful ASCII art, all right. It’s *also* executable line-noise.

    (Both a floor wax *and* a dessert topping!)

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