WPG2 Sidebar Widgets 1.0

Gallery2After playing around with the WordPress Widgets plugin I wrote a couple of widgets for WPG2 borrowing heavily from the sample widgets in the widget plugin distribution and also from Otto’s Google AdSense widget.
WPG2 Random Image and WPG2 Grid Block are released into the public domain, and you can download version 1.0 right here.
Oh! BTW, I just set up a page for these widgets.

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10 thoughts on “WPG2 Sidebar Widgets 1.0”

  1. i downloaded and active the plugin, but i can’t see anything in the presentation -> sidebar widgets. How can i solve it? Thnx..

  2. i downloaded and active the plugin, but i can?t see anything in the presentation -> sidebar widgets. How can i solve it? Thnx.. same hear

  3. Javier, I dont think I uploaded the widgets in the right manner … nothing happens. I put the wpg2 (unzipped) folder in the wp.content>plugins folder. I tried to put the folder in the wp.content>plugins>widgets folder but nothing happened. Nada.. I activated too.

  4. Installation Problems: Javier you said, “Make sure that WPG2 is running correctly. If you can?t see the WPG2 tab in the administration interface the Widgets won?t register themselves and you won?t see them.” What is the “WPG2 tag” and what is the “administration interface” Do you mean a “tag” like “write” “manage” “links” “podcast” etc. If that is what you mean … It aint there. Call me retardado, but still nada. I think I’ve got my widgets, plugins folders and .php’s in the wrong place. As I write, the folder containing wpg2gridblock.php and wpg2randomimage.php are in a folder in the plugins folder. No Tag although I was able to activate wpg2 sidebar gridb block. Thanks for your help. Gracias!

  5. Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the site, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

  6. I’m having trouble getting the WPG2 widget to activate in my widgets area on WordPress. I have uploaded the files and activated it on the plugins page, but it still isn’t in my widgets area. My theme has widgets activated, but the WPG2 isn’t there. Any help would be great.


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