Gammu -the GNU All Mobile Management Utilities formerly known as MyGnokki2- is a full-featured cellphone manager for *nix and Win32. Its makefile knows about .debs and .rpms, it is incredibly easy to configure and -unlike Gnokii- it supports the Nokia 3200 (RH-31) right out of the box through an inexpensive DKU-5 cable.
Right now I’m using this simple /etc/gammurc under Debian GNU/Linux with kernel 2.6.12:

port = /dev/ttyUSB0
model = 3200a
connection = dku5fbus
synchronizetime = yes
#logfile = gammulog
#logformat = textall
use_locking = yes
gammuloc = locfile
startinfo = yes
gammucoding = utf8
rsslevel = teststable
usephonedb = yes

# gammu --identify duly reports

Manufacturer  : Nokia
Model         : 3200a (RH-31)
Firmware      : 5.29 I (22-10-04)
Hardware      : 1620
IMEI          : 356656xxxxxxxxx
Original IMEI : 356656/xx/xxxxxx/x
Manufactured  : 06/2005
Product code  : xxxxxxx
Simlock data  : xxxxxx
Old simlock   : TELCEL GSM (xxx xx)
UEM           : xxxx