Use the radioSHARK 2 under Linux (shark2.c)

radioshark2-small.jpegHisaaki Shibata took Michael Rolig’s shark.c -which I use to control my radioSHARK from Linux- made it work with the new radioSHARK 2 and released the new shark2.c (local mirror).
With this development owners of the new radioSHARK 2 can control their shiny new device under Linux to change stations and change its lighting besides other neat tricks like live Internet streaming with icecast2 and darkice as I’ve written before.
I haven’t been able to lay my hands on a radioSHARK 2 but I might do it soon. I hope that griffin has finally managed to solve the annoying bugs in the software that made the original radioSHARK completely unusable under Windows, but keep in mind that Michael and Hisaaki’s work has made the enclosed software completely irrelevant to Linux users, opening a new market for a fine hardware product.

4 thoughts on “Use the radioSHARK 2 under Linux (shark2.c)”

  1. Thank you for your reference to my Blog and tiny shark2.c code.

    Hisaaki SHIBATA

  2. I tried using this code, and the driver ends up hard-locking the Linux Kernel. I am thinking of taking this code and writing a Kernel-Level driver for Linux. If I can manage to get Linux to detect the device using USB, I think this will make an appropriate fix for the kernel, and I will write some support programs to use the device.

    Please write me and let me know if you’d be interested in either helping me with this, or possibly contributing to the source. I’m anxious to get this to work so that other people can also benefit from its use. I may even start a sourceforge site for this device.

  3. I recently got a Radioshark, and was pleased to find your work. I’ve taken your excellent work in Shark2.c, and have built a Linux Gui front end for the Radioshark2.
    Its in the later coding stages, and I anticipate a first (beta) release at the end of 2009.
    At present, you can download the source code via SVN here:

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