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Get rid of that annoying system beep on the Dell D620… forever!

Of course, this assumes that you are using Debian GNU/Linux with kernel 2.6.x and hotplug, and has been documented on my Debian GNU/Linux on Dell D620 page. [tags]Debian, Linux, Dell, D620[/tags]

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Hello, Dell!

As i wrote before, given my (mis)adventures with IBM/Lenovo I decided to change my allegiances and switch to another brand. So during the research phase I took some time to go to the Dell Expo and get to know their

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Goodbye, IBM / Lenovo!

After flickering in-and-out for a few weeks and then getting a misterious red tint, the IBM Thinkpad R50’s display got well for a couple of months before getting all flickery again and dying for good. It was the nicest display

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The Sad iPod Syndrome

A couple of months ago my (formerly) trusty iPod anounced its impending death and I didn’t listen. Sure, it hung up a couple of times, but it had done that before. When I tried to connect it to a PC

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(*ack!* WordPress ate my post!)

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TiVo in Mexico HOWTO

Live in Mexico? Have a TiVo? Read the TiVo-in-Mexico HOWTO to transform that glorified VCR into a real Personal Video Recorder. Update 20051009: I just bought a TiVo 2 unit and it’s on its way, so I’ll update the HOWTO

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Changing TiVo’s timezone and date/time

To change your TiVo’s timezone and date/time follow these steps: Get timezoneadj30.tcl. I don’t have access to tivo_canada’s archive, so I had to write my own timezoneadj30.tcl. Edit it and change the timezone. It seems that 0=GMT,3=EST Run ./timezoneadj30.tcl #

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TiVo Serial Cable

I found this excellent diagram for a TiVo serial cable: TiVo serial cable schematic. The original URL is Note: This post was originally listed under the static TiVO page, but I’ll start managing the TiVo section with WordPress.

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How to make iTunes 5 ignore the Windows locale

I recently upgraded iTunes to 5.0 on Magda’s laptop and it decided to start speaking to me in Spanish. In my Thinkpad with Windows XP in english iTunes was still in english. Magda’s laptop came pre-installed with Windows XP in

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Last night I got to play with ibm-acpi for a little while. It was refreshing to watch the backlight on the R50 go to sleep after being continually on while running on linux, thanks to radeontool and ibm-acpi’s magic to

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