Changing TiVo’s timezone and date/time

To change your TiVo’s timezone and date/time follow these steps:

  1. Get timezoneadj30.tcl. I don’t have access to tivo_canada’s archive, so I had to write my own timezoneadj30.tcl.
  2. Edit it and change the timezone. It seems that 0=GMT,3=EST
  3. Run ./timezoneadj30.tcl
    # ./timezoneadj30.tcl
  4. Set the clock using settime, e.g.
    # settime 20031123025900
    # settime -rtc
  5. I noticed that if you set the time back, the IR blaster stops working. I’m not proud of my solution:
    # reboot

Note: This post was originally listed under the static TiVO page, but I’ll start managing the TiVo section with WordPress.