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Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet driver for Debian

I just got a new ASUS M2V motherboard to replace a braindead server that would lock up on POST about 75% of the time. The new motherboard has a built-in Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter that is supported in Linux

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Gecko/20070601 C64/Commodore

I tought this was just a SpreadFirefox stunt, but I just found the most strange User-Agent in an Apache server log *heh!* I guess it takes another Commodore fan to appreciate this kind of humor. [tags]Mozilla, Firefox, Commodore, C64[/tags]

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Moving from MyISAM to InnoDB: bulk table conversion

A couple of years ago Ludovico Magnocavallo tackled the issue of bulk conversion of MySQL tables from MyISAM to InnoDB with an elegant bash snippet. The original post also suggests using grep to limit the scope of the conversion to

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?HOWTO: Recover an empty kcontrol tree

Last night I opened KDE control center to change my desktop settings and I was shocked when I found that kcontrol was empty but for the OBEX Devices panel. Alll the modules that were supposed to be inside kcontrol where

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?HOWTO: Enable the SATA CD-ROM Drive in the Dell Latitude D620

After a few weeks using the auxiliary battery instead of the CD-ROM drive, I needed to read a DVD. Surprise! It didn’t work. Reboot. Still no luck. dmesg didn’t show anything about IDE, and /proc/ide was empty. It was like

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?HOWTO: Run VMware Player under Debian GNU/Linux

VMware has made available VMware Player for free for a few months now. I had been having problems making it run under the latest kernels in Debian GNU/Linux until I found out about the Czech University vmware-any-any patch. Of course,

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xorg.conf configuration for nVidia TwinView on the Dell D620

I managed to get TwinView working on the Dell Latitude D620 under Debian GNU/Linux and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now without any problem whatsoever. The key section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf is this: I’m using an external 1280×1024

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?HOWTO:Get over subversion’s DB_VERSION_MISMATCH error

After running several updates on a particular server during the weekend, this morning I got a report that svn was down. a quick insection of libapache2-svn error log turned out this error message: After googling it I found out that

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μHOWTO: Install perl libraries in bulk

When you have to install packages that live out of dpkg, don’t you hate to install their dependencies by hand? I do. Even though this is exactly what does, there is a Debian way: If you have another machine

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Add swap space to Linux

This is an old sysadmin trick, but a good one all the same. Suppose that you finished installing a brand-new Debian GNU/Linux server, and for whatever reason you forgot to set aside some space for a swap partition. Or you

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