1st Webmasters Lounge

Webmasters Lounge 2005Webmasters México invites web designers, programmers, sysadmins and everyone who cares to attend to the 1st Webmasters Lounge, an opportunity to socialize, have a drink, interact and know each other in a cool off-line chatroom. As good as excuse as any to unplug (*ouch!*) and venture into the great outdoors (you know… the big blue room?). The appointment is this saturday, August 13th, 2005, 3pm sharp, and will last for as long as the body endures. No cover for certified geeks that show up before 8pm, and cool surprises from the sponsors. RSVP online and look for more details at Webmasters México Blog.
Update 20050910: There’s some photos at Flickr.