SOMEXFON Google Bomb

somexfon==raterosThere were some rumours about SOMEXFON -RIAA’s mexican cousin- starting a harrasing campaign in Mexico to collect royalties on public performances of recorded music -even those in private parties and buses. The community responded subtly and swiftly: a google bombing on the word “rateros” was initiated. Hey, it looks like it worked..

3 thoughts on “SOMEXFON Google Bomb”

  1. That’s cool. They shoudl do that to more sites. If I knew how to google bomb, people would find themselves at the end of a “rat bastard” query. heheheheh

  2. Y comienzan de nuevo…. el dia de hoy recibimos notificacion en un peque;o local por el Paseo Santa Lucia de esta empresa …. que tenemos 5 dias para ir a pagar una licencia de autorizacion por el uso de la musica.

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