Miserably Sad

Today the world is a worse place that it was a few hours ago. I got word –and just confirmed– that my mentor, my teacher and overall good man Rosendo Pardo Osuna was run over by some bastard in a car.
They took you away from the Campus you built, but nobody was able to take you away from the place you loved so much. You will always live in the heart of all the people you touched — if anything, we can attest to your loving, caring work.
But I miss you already, Inge.

2 thoughts on “Miserably Sad”

  1. Thx for the words. Im the older sister of Inge Pardo… and you are totallly right… the worls is a y now a worse place.

    Gabriela Pardo

  2. Dear Gaby & Javier,

    Inge Pardo will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved him. May it comfort you to know that you loved one is now at peace.

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