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TiVo in Mexico HOWTO

Live in Mexico? Have a TiVo? Read the TiVo-in-Mexico HOWTO to transform that glorified VCR into a real Personal Video Recorder. Update 20051009: I just bought a TiVo 2 unit and it’s on its way, so I’ll update the HOWTO

Changing TiVo’s timezone and date/time

To change your TiVo’s timezone and date/time follow these steps: Get timezoneadj30.tcl. I don’t have access to tivo_canada’s archive, so I had to write my own timezoneadj30.tcl. Edit it and change the timezone. It seems that 0=GMT,3=EST Run ./timezoneadj30.tcl #

TiVo Serial Cable

I found this excellent diagram for a TiVo serial cable: TiVo serial cable schematic. The original URL is Note: This post was originally listed under the static TiVO page, but I’ll start managing the TiVo section with WordPress.