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?HOWTO: Beryl on Debian

Last week Jordi Fernández gave me a quick hands-on tutorial for a working Beryl setup on Debian. He owns a Dell Latitude D620 running Debian GNU/Linux just like mine, so leeching his setup was even easier for me. What sold

?HOWTO: Recover an empty kcontrol tree

Last night I opened KDE control center to change my desktop settings and I was shocked when I found that kcontrol was empty but for the OBEX Devices panel. Alll the modules that were supposed to be inside kcontrol where

Orpie: a RPN calculator

Orpie is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator for the console. If you’ve ever used an HP calculator you’ll feel right at home. if you haven’t… well, go back to your windows box and launch that buggy calculator desk accessory. In

?HOWTO: Enable the SATA CD-ROM Drive in the Dell Latitude D620

After a few weeks using the auxiliary battery instead of the CD-ROM drive, I needed to read a DVD. Surprise! It didn’t work. Reboot. Still no luck. dmesg didn’t show anything about IDE, and /proc/ide was empty. It was like

?HOWTO: Run VMware Player under Debian GNU/Linux

VMware has made available VMware Player for free for a few months now. I had been having problems making it run under the latest kernels in Debian GNU/Linux until I found out about the Czech University vmware-any-any patch. Of course,

xorg.conf configuration for nVidia TwinView on the Dell D620

I managed to get TwinView working on the Dell Latitude D620 under Debian GNU/Linux and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now without any problem whatsoever. The key section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf is this: I’m using an external 1280×1024

Get rid of that annoying system beep on the Dell D620… forever!

Of course, this assumes that you are using Debian GNU/Linux with kernel 2.6.x and hotplug, and has been documented on my Debian GNU/Linux on Dell D620 page. [tags]Debian, Linux, Dell, D620[/tags]

Hello, Dell!

As i wrote before, given my (mis)adventures with IBM/Lenovo I decided to change my allegiances and switch to another brand. So during the research phase I took some time to go to the Dell Expo and get to know their

μHOWTO: Install perl libraries in bulk

When you have to install packages that live out of dpkg, don’t you hate to install their dependencies by hand? I do. Even though this is exactly what does, there is a Debian way: If you have another machine